Nero’s Fiddle in Milton on 06/04/11

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Dunnville Redux

Posted on Mar 18, 2011 at 09:50 AM

Ok, I (Jennb) admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect at the River’s Edge Restaurant at the Dunnville Golf & Country Club. NF has camped just outside of Dunnville for several years running, and I kind of picture a fairly quiet, sleepy little town as it is in the summer.

The afternoon got off to an unexpectedly lovely start as Jen S’s friend, and a nodding acquaintance of many years, from various shows we’ve all been at, Steph Campbell, offered to host us for a couple of hours at Cricket Lane Equestrian. Steph and Jordan were terrific hosts, (Steph spoiled us!) and a tour of the farm, a chance to see the beautiful work they’ve done converting an old industrial chicken farm into a gorgeous indoor jousting arena and a chance to meet their beautiful horses in person was a fun way to spend an afternoon, even if Shannon did get nibbled a little. Watching Steph play ‘Got your nose!’ with one of these giant babies was highly entertaining! We now know what we’ll be doing for Shannon’s birthday this year! Grown-up pony party!

We got to the venue, minus Christine, who was to join us later with Kevin, our photographer for the evening, to find a completely sold out house, and a dining room jammed to the rafters with people. Lacie and the staff at River’s Edge were very gracious, had a Nero’s Fiddle lounge area set up for us (very much appreciated) so we had a comfortable place to warm up, but still no Christine!

Kev and Christine, it seems, were relying on Google Maps to get them there, and JennB forgot to mention that Google is a little fuzzy on the exact location and names of many roads in the area, and that there are, in fact, TWO Haldimand Roads, one on either side of the Grand River. A ‘Who’s on First’ comedy ensued as Jenn tried to talk Kevin in for a landing, with perfect driving directions to travel on Haldimand Road, parallel to the river, with the river on the left. Would have worked perfectly, except they were on the wrong side of the river. Kev and Christine now know a lot more of the Niagara Peninsula than they did two days ago, but eventually found us.

The show itself was more fun than I’ve had at a show in a while. As much as we love our Faire audiences, it’s sometimes nice to switch out of our comfort zone, and play to a crowd that hasn’t already ‘been there, done that’. I was worried that a Country Club crowd would run us out of town on a rail. Not at all! We were un-mic’d, which while it makes it tough to project out over a room full of bodies, gives us the freedom to leave the stage and actually play with the audience. The audience responded by being rowdy and fun, stomping, clapping and singing along! Many CDs were sold, and in the end we were kissed goodnight by many more audience members than we’re used to! Overall, an incredibly friendly crowd, and we’d love to get back down that way again.

Delivering Steph home at the end of the evening, Jenn was sharply reminded that she was back home on the Peninsula when a half dozen deer darted out of the woods on the shoulder, right in front of van traveling at 85km/h giving her the opportunity to test the brakes on the new mini-van on our maiden voyage together. No deer were killed, and the van was not totaled, however there is new white hair this morning.

For a nightcap, JenS hit a bunny on the way home, thus ensuring no Easter eggs in her house this year.

Thanks again, Dunnville!

Stay tuned! Two weeks to Brampton show with the Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra

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And 2011 is off to a great start!

Posted on Mar 12, 2011 at 08:57 PM

It’s official! The 2011 season has begun. We started today’s rehearsal with champagne to toast our new arrival Christine, our impending new arrival (who you’ll have to wait until October to meet-hint-one of us was NOT drinking champagne), a slew of new shows, starting this Thursday in Dunnville, a new CD that will be available at all of our shows this year,and a heap of new material that we can’t wait to share with you! A great rehearsal flowed right into the first meet & greet for cast, vendors, volunteers and performers of the great weekend festivals put on by Faires in Time, and we were all pumped to spend some time with our summer ‘Faire Family’.
Looking forward to a terrific season with great friends, great fans and all of the wonderful people that make up our extended Nero’s Fiddle family.
See you soon

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Nero’s Fiddle Celebrates Ten Years!

Posted on Dec 09, 2010 at 03:55 PM

At least, we think we do. We’re not sure what our official start date was, but it’s been a while. We’ve covered a lot of ground together, and are still going strong with the upcoming release of ‘Red is the Rose’ (December 31), our newest cd, once again recorded and mastered at Studio A in Kitchener.

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve adopted a ‘baby brother’ band, Eclectic Revival, and will be sharing the stage with them this coming Tuesday at Rebel’s Rock in Hamilton, and again on New Year’s Eve at the Holiday Inn in Markham as part of the ‘featured entertainment’ at Futurecon!

The two bands tag team to create a Celtic comedy double whammy that’s worth the price of admission. Throw in a Klingon, a Jedi or two, and maybe a grown man in tinfoil armour for good measure and a generous helping of champagne (or Magner’s, or Guinness, or Listerine…we’re not picky) and you’ve got yourself another fantastic Friday night with the ‘Fiddle. See you soon

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