Country Renaissance Festival Redux

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WOW!  What a wild weekend!  Our show at Milton Streetfest wound up being canceled due to the wicked weather that rolled in right around the time we would have been going on.  We’ve heard some reports of damage and injuries and hope everyone is ok.

Rennies are troopers though.  In spite of the terrifying start to Saturday the show went on.  It’s one of the things every faire performer knows as absolute truth.  If it rains on a faire day, you get wet.  End of story.  This was more than rain though, and Saturday’s show largely happened as a result of sheer force of will on the parts of the organizers, merchants, volunteers, and performers, as well as the devout handful of faire fans who braved the elements and stayed anyway.  Hats off to all who slogged through knee deep mud (Jenn B’s tetanus shot is now up to date thanks to a penetrating wound whilst slogging through said mud!), the rain, the wind etc. and still put on a great show.  Highlights from Saturday included Nero’s Fiddle Alumni Angela Blackstone and Lesley Quinn on Saturday!  They jumped in and did a 7 part Chi Mi Na Morbeannach with us, and it was beautiful.  Thanks ladies! Also not to be missed were Nick dressed as mermaid and a surprise reciprocal panty bombing of Nero’s Fiddle BY Eclectic Revival on Saturday Night!   The entire day was captured on film by our favourite photographer, Ivan Sorensen. Even shooting in the toughest circumstances, with some very un-pretty subject matter (see above for Nick in a mermaid costume), Ivan’s shots are beautiful.  Go check him out!

It was really only one tough day though, the school day on the Friday was beautiful, and well attended, and Sunday was sunny and warm, and the site had largely dried out by the end.  The audiences were receptive, and generally enjoyed themselves, which is the real reason we do what we do.  Overall, a terrific weekend spent with our Faire Family, friends and fans.  Can’t wait to see you all again soon.  The girls are taking a well deserved break before picking it back up for a wedding later this month before we start prepping for Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo and the Maryland Reanaissance Festival.

Thank you to all who came out, stayed for a set, and bought CDs!


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